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Sauna in Bad Tatzmannsdorf

At the AVITA Wellness Resort in Austria, you can expect more than just a wonderful sauna landscape with a variety of feel-good saunas. The real highlight are the various infusions, ranging from refreshing to relaxing, which turn a visit to the sauna into an experience. Our guided special infusions by our sauna masters are particularly popular, where sweating becomes a ceremony. Enjoy our daily sauna program and treat yourself to heavenly pleasure in a sauna in Bad Tatzmannsdorf!



Small sauna etiquette

How to get the most out of a sauna session

The positive effects of sauna: sauna is healthy!

The fact that saunas promote health is known to most. But what exactly is the effect of sauna? The health-promoting effect of regular sauna sessions is caused by the increase in body temperature - comparable to an "artificial fever". The interplay of heat and cooling leads to multi-layered metabolic activations. Thus, on the one hand, the immune system is stimulated and, on the other hand, blood circulation and regeneration of various skin layers are promoted. Regular sauna users demonstrably fall ill less often with banal infections or colds due to the increased immune system.

Taking a sauna trains the cardiovascular system and improves blood circulation. You see: Those who enjoy the sauna in the right way will achieve many positive effects on their well-being!

Sauna makes beautiful and promotes physical well-being
Sauna is also a perfect anti-aging agent, because it not only purifies, but also counteracts skin aging. But also the regeneration of the muscles is an essential aspect. This helps not only to reduce stress, but also to increase stress resistance and thus to increase the well-being enormously. However, to achieve these positive effects, it is also important to sauna properly.

Taking a sauna the right way: this is how it's done
Only those who sauna regularly enjoy the full effect on health. Ideally, you should make time for a sauna session once a week. With three passes plus rest periods, a visit to the sauna can last around three hours. The interplay between heat and cold is crucial for the result. Although the sauna is a sweat bath, it is the cooling of the body that produces the positive health effects.

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Sauna rules:

How to behave in the sauna?

Whether you are a sauna professional or a novice, in order to achieve a truly relaxing and healthy result, some basic rules should be followed:

Do not go into the sauna hungry or on a full stomach.

Before starting the sauna, shower thoroughly and dry off well. If the skin is still damp, the water must first evaporate before sweat production begins.

Hygiene is important! Make sure that you always sit or lie completely on the towel in the sauna and that your sweat does not drip onto the wood.

The sauna session lasts about 8 to 15 minutes maximum. In the beginning, it is better to sit further down. Warm air rises, as we all know, and so it's not quite as hot in the lower rows.

After the sauna, the first cooling phase in the fresh air begins to reoxygenate the lungs. This helps the circulation to get used to the now lower temperature.

The second cooling phase then involves cold water pools or showering with cold water and possibly Kneipp applications. Tip: Start with the extremities and then cool the torso. Or you can simply use our exclusive snow sauna to gently bring your body back to normal temperature. The cooling phase should last at least as long as the stay in the sauna cabin.

After the cooling phases, the resting phase of about 30 to 60 minutes begins before moving on to the next infusion. By the way, more than three sauna sessions do not increase the health value.

Tip: By the way, a sauna bath prepares you perfectly for a soothing massage in our exclusive AVITA Premium Spa.

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Sauna tips and things to know

for your optimal sauna stay

Bathing shoes

When visiting the sauna, it is recommended to wear bathing shoes for hygienic reasons. These also prevent the feet from cooling down between sauna sessions. Bathing shoes are also recommended for safety reasons, as they significantly reduce the risk of slipping at the pools and showers. However, you do not take the shoes into the sauna, but leave them in front of it. On the one hand, bathing shoes pose a certain risk of accident when climbing onto the sauna benches, and on the other hand, so-called softeners can escape from the plastic shoes when exposed to heat.


For hygienic reasons, we ask that you use an appropriately sized towel in the sauna cabins so that you can sit or lie on it completely. You should also place your feet on it. For the same reason, the couches should be used exclusively with a towel. So a towel is a must in the sauna Garden of Eden – not only for drying off.

Personal &shyWellbeing

The most important rule when taking a sauna is not to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, or that might make others feel uncomfortable. However, personal well-being also serves as a natural gauge for the number and duration of sauna sessions. Dizziness and discomfort are a strong signal to leave the cabin and cool down or have a drink.

Sauna fragrance

What would a sauna infusion be without an infusion scent? Different scents can decisively shape the stay in the sauna. The sauna fragrances at the AVITA Resort are composed of high-quality oils and are carefully selected by our sauna masters. Pouring spirits, strong-smelling essences or flammable infusion concentrates on the ovens is strictly prohibited and may cause sauna fires.

Sauna master

Our sauna masters are exactly what the name promises – masters of their trade. Years of experience and enthusiasm for the profession are just a few of the many things that make up our competent staff.


It is important to rehydrate your body with plenty of fluids after taking a sauna. The ideal thirst quencher during or after the sauna visit is mineral water, diluted juices or even non-alcoholic beer. Alcohol, in turn, prevents the most important medical effect of sauna: vascular training. It is optimal to balance one’s water balance before taking a sauna and then, if possible, not to drink enough again until the end of the sauna visit. When sweating, the body does not get the liquid from the mineral water bottle, which would reduce the detoxification effect, but from the body itself. However, the most important thing here is to listen to your body!

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