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Places of interest & excursion destinations in Southern Burgenland

Explore the diversity and beauty of the region around Bad Tatzmannsdorf

The region also has a lot to offer beyond your wellness resort. From idyllic vineyards to castles with exciting history to regional cuisine, numerous destinations await you in southern Burgenland and sights worth seeing around Bad Tatzmannsdorf. We will be happy to give you a foretaste of the highlights.

Burgenland Card

Just sleep once – and a whole world of additional offers opens up for you and your family. Already from your first overnight stay in a Burgenland Card at the AVITA Resort you will receive the free Burgenland Card . For the duration of your stay, you can use it to take advantage of many free services and enjoy attractive discounts.

Pure pleasure in Austria

Get to know regionality from its most delicious sides in the adventure paradise of southern Burgenland. Hearty farmhouse bread, aromatic fruit juices and spirits, juicy meat, homemade pastries, crisp apples and much more: under the umbrella brand “Erlebnisparadies Südburgenland” (Experience Paradise Southern Burgenland), producers, accommodations and excursion destinations present the best that Southern Burgenland has to offer. In addition to tastings and tours, there will also be numerous workshops, inviting you, for example, to make chocolate or bake your own bread.

Nature parks
in southern Burgenland

Several nature parks in southern Burgenland invite you to discover, enjoy, relax, hike and bike. Explore magnificent natural and cultural spaces that let you experience the diversity of destinations in southern Burgenland.

Nature Park Raba - Örsèg - Goricko

Situated in the border triangle of Austria – Hungary – Slovenia, the nature park is not only a meeting point for different languages and cultures, but also for diverse landscapes. The exceptional nature can be best explored on themed hiking trails, culinary specialties such as Uhudler or freshly squeezed apple juice round off the excursion.

Willersdorf gorge

The area of the Willersdorfer Gorge starts in Willersdorf, a district of Oberschützen, and extends in a northerly direction to the Dreiländereck, the border between the provinces of Lower Austria, Styria and Burgenland, about 6 km away. About halfway, a side valley branches off to Aschau, also a district of Oberschützen. The northeastern flank is directly connected with the Bernstein Mountains. Coming from Lower Austria, the Willersbach flows through the entire length of the area, which has retained its original character as far as Oberschützen. Climatically, the entire area is affected by change.

Castles and palaces
in southern Burgenland

Burgenland has numerous witnesses of a rich and eventful past. Many of the castles and chateaus invite you to take a stroll through history. Here is a selection of castles near Bad Tatzmannsdorf.

Schlaining castle

As the seat of the Center for Peace Research and Peace Teaching, which is unique in Austria, Schlaining Castle houses, among other things, the European Museum for Peace. The topic of “Violence and Peace” is presented in a clear and pedagogically valuable way. Other highlights are the keep, the castle chapel, the knights’ hall and the moat, which has been converted into a green area.

The Sound Spring and the Sound Autumn at Schlaining Castle enjoy great popularity. The festival in the historic Burgarena has been attracting music and culture enthusiasts to Stadtschlaining for many years.

Pleasure region Burgenland

Discover the culinary Burgenland

Southern Burgenland is a true paradise for gourmets and gourmet fans! From culinary specialties such as apples, pears, grazing geese and moor oxen to a wide variety of herbs and the iconic Uhudler from the wine idyll, a varied arc spans. Accompany us through the southern Burgenland.

Excursion destinations in southern Burgenland

Several regions of pleasure have emerged in Burgenland. Southern Burgenland has its very own culinary specialties to offer. In the area around the "apple village" of Kukmirn, various types of fruit thrive wonderfully thanks to the special microclimate. Above all, dessert apples are the flagship of this region of pleasure. Grazing geese also find the best conditions on the meadows of southern Burgenland. In about 26 weeks, these grow into tasty Martini geese.

Another Burgenland specialty is the Zickentaler Moorochse, which grazes the fringes of the "Auwiesen Zickenbachtal" nature reserve. Here, cattle of the Galloway and Angus breeds cavort, which, thanks to particularly natural husbandry, provide fine-grained meat with a delicate marbling of fat. Last but not least, Southern Burgenland is also known for its fine herbs, which are grown for spices and teas.

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The Uhudler - a pure natural product

Uhudler has established itself as a true speciality of southern Burgenland. The pale pink wine specialty is characterized by its intense bouquet, reminiscent of wild strawberries or black currants.

The Uhudler was actually born out of necessity. Around 1860, a large phylloxera infestation led to the importation of a special self-bearing variety from America, the only one to withstand the pest. However, Uhudler fell into disrepute, which is why direct carrier wines were banned from the 1930s. It was not until 1992 that the Uhudler was officially allowed to celebrate its return. Today it is more popular than ever and from the grapes, in addition to the classic wine, Uhudler frizzante, jams and tea are produced.

Taste the South Burgenland and explore the region with all your senses. You will find the perfect mix of enjoyment, activity and relaxation at the AVITA Resort in Bad Tatzmannsdorf. We will be happy to answer your non-binding inquiry!

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Vacation in Bad Tatzmannsdorf

Largest spa town in Burgenland

Bad Tatzmannsdorf in the district of Oberwart in southern Burgenland is the largest spa and thermal resort in Burgenland. In addition to its thermal baths, the beautiful surroundings of the southern Burgenland hills also contribute to the unique recreational value of the resort and the region. Enjoy the sunny climate during your spa vacation and immerse yourself in the soothing springs.

Tatzmannsdorf thermal water - the treasure from the earth

As the youngest and most diverse of Bad Tatzmannsdorf's healing deposits, the mineral thermal water bubbles up to the earth's surface from a depth of 896 meters, where it arrives at a temperature of 34 °C. The precious water gives you pure pampering and relaxation in the AVITA Resort in pools of different temperatures.

Golf at discounted rates

In addition to the beautiful Reiters golf courses in southern Burgenland, Bad Tatzmannsdorf and Stegersbach, the Golfclub Föhrenwald Wiener Neustadt, the Golfclub Linsberg and the Golfclub Gut Freiberg, the Golfclub Bad Waltersdorf and the Golfclub Thermengolf Loipersdorf offer an attractive discount. On presentation of a green fee voucher, which is available on request at the hotel reception, the partner clubs grant our hotel guests -20% on daily green fee prices. The golf region around Bad Tatzmannsdorf is moving closer together - variety for your golf vacation is guaranteed here!

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AVITA Therme • Resort
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