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Pleasure cycling & e-biking

Cycling in Burgenland

The AVITA Resort offers the perfect base for a cycling vacation around Bad Tatzmannsdorf. Pleasure cyclists will be just as happy in the varied terrain as ambitious racing bike professionals. Directly from the spa from you can pedal - below we present some of the best cycling routes for cycling in Burgenland. A cycling vacation and a spa vacation complement each other in an exemplary way.

From March to October: Wonderful cycling pleasure in Southern Burgenland
In contrast to Northern Burgenland, Southern Burgenland is very hilly - climatically blessed with 300 days of sunshine a year! All the more interesting and varied, the beautiful, unspoiled nature of the south presents itself as a paradise for cyclists. It is a harmonious interplay of hills and forests, of charming towns and magnificent buildings, which can be seen along the bike tours. Whether pleasure cyclists, mountain bikers or racing cyclists - everyone gets their money's worth when cycling in Burgenland!

Old railroad tracks on the track

Railroad line-
Bike path

Undisturbed cycling where the tracks used to run

Without car traffic on the new railroad track bike path from Oberschützen to Rechnitz (approx. 40 km). Start and stop directly at the AVITA Resort - where else can you find that? A unique experience - cycling in Burgenland. Lovingly nestled in the gentle terrain amidst the autumnal colors, in southern Burgenland the cycling season runs particularly long ...

E-bike, Enduro
or downhill?

40 km
Single trails

If you like it more challenging, discover the new Burgenland Trails at Geschriebenstein! Down, up or simply switch off: The Burgenland trails offer the right gear for every mountain biker. Whether pleasure bikers, e-bikers or enduro and downhill shredders: 40 kilometers of single trails with many different variations in harmony with nature provide an experience of the particularly flowing kind. And thanks to the Pannonian climate all year round!

Cycling with ease

Discover the advantages of the e-bike for your exploration tours & while cycling through Burgenland! The e-bike is the optimal combination of riding fun and comfort. Pedal your e-bike – powerful electric motors support your forward momentum as needed. With our modern electric bikes it is a pleasure to get to know the picturesque southern Burgenland by bike. This allows you to tackle distances that you would otherwise travel by car. Because with e-bikes, there’s no stress – you get around faster, you see more, you can travel longer distances and you’re not so sweaty during the stops. No matter whether you are on short trips or extensive bike tours: With the e-bike, exercise is more fun than ever before.

Our AVITA bike tours

"Four Seasons Cycle Route" B5023,2 km, 235 hm
"Edelserpentin bike trail" B5324,0 km, 484 hm
"St. Martin Panorama Cycle Route (Partial Route)" B5226,4 km, 313 hm
"Pinka bike path" B5432,1 km, 217 h
"Berghäuser cycle path" B5541,5 km, 567 h
"Kohlstatt bike path" B5819,1 km, 472 hm
"Lebenswartweg Oberwart"34,1 km, 358 hm

Paradise Route South Burgenland

A special treat is this 260 km long round trip through southern Burgenland. The Paradise Route offers everything that you must have seen, felt and tasted in southern Burgenland: 3 nature parks, vineyards, cross-border sections, experience dreamlike stream and river landscapes and taste delicacies from the region in Haubenlokalen and Buschenschänken as well as numerous “paradise businesses” or visit castles, palaces, museums and much more. visit The Paradise Route leads directly through Bad Tatzmannsdorf.

The perfect combination of sport and relaxation
After the bike ride, the world of regeneration and relaxation is open to you in the pleasantly warm thermal water and sauna Garden of Eden. Let yourself be gently kneaded in the massage pool and treat yourself to a soothing infusion. Perfect regeneration and pure relaxation for tired calves are promised by a stay in our snow sauna and a relaxing sports massage in the AVITA Premium Spa. With our first-class wellness landscape, every stay becomes a feel-good vacation. Excellent, low-traffic cycling routes – from easy to challenging – paired with wellness and relaxation – cyclist’s heart, what more do you want…

Cycling vacation almost every season

Cycling in Burgenland is in season almost all year round. The sun shines here 300 days a year, providing 2,000 hours of sunshine for a mild climate and the shortest winter far and wide. While in the west of Austria usually still frosty temperatures prevail and the snow is meters high, cycling in southern Burgenland is usually already in season from March. In autumn, the variety of colors of the forests lures you to the cycling routes and enables enjoyable rides until late October, making your cycling vacation a unique pleasure. Spend your next vacation at AVITA Resort – discover our numerous package deals, we will be happy to answer your non-binding inquiry!

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