Sauna Garten Eden

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Sauna area in wellness hotel in Austria

…in one of the most beautiful sauna landscapes in Austria. Whether steam bath, infrared, kiln, sauna for women or the classic Finnish version: 20 feel-good saunas in the Sauna Garden Eden and AVITA Lady’s Spa make the hearts of sauna fans beat faster and promise a sauna experience of superlatives! Feel the soothing warmth of our various themed saunas in one of the most complete sauna worlds in Austria.

Sauna Garten Eden

Like Adam &&nbspEva

Nude Sunbathing & Skinny Dipping - On the Trail of Adam & Eve
In addition to our indoor nude area, you can also indulge in clothing-free freedom in the fresh air. Taking a sauna and swimming in the nude becomes a matter of course in the Sauna Garden Eden thanks to the spacious nude swimming pool. Atmospheric relaxation rooms and rest bays, a tingling waterfall, a versatile pool landscape and generously landscaped sunbathing areas invite you to linger and, quite incidentally, ensure a seamless tan. By the way, regular saunas are the perfect heat workout, especially in the summer!

Relax without textiles in the sauna Garden of Eden

In summer, the Sauna Garden Eden of our AVITA Hotel Resort is a literal paradise. Spacious, landscaped sunbathing areas, refreshing cold-water pools, the open-air nude swimming pool and atmospheric resting bays make relaxation time spent nude sunbathing in the fresh air, in addition to saunas, pure bliss.

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Why sauna is good in summer

AVITA tip: Especially in summer, regular saunas are the perfect heat workout and with a total of 24 feel-good saunas, there is guaranteed to be the right one for everyone. The sauna masters will pamper you daily with a variety of refreshing and relaxing special infusions. Look forward to a carefree vacation, where you can also enjoy nude swimming and nude sunbathing to the fullest and undisturbed. Our Hotel Resort AVITA team is looking forward to your non-binding vacation inquiry or online booking!



Concentrated sauna expertise

Infusers are found in many sauna facilities, but very few have enjoyed professional training. After all, it takes much more than simply pouring water on the sauna heater and swinging the towel once. Our sauna masters are well trained through years of cooperation with sauna professional Dr. Harald Maruna. We pay special attention to the beneficial structure and sequence of the infusions, to the use of high-quality oils and utensils, as well as to a healthy sauna philosophy.

Snow sauna

Healthy freezing

Rest areas & sauna bar

All around recovered

In our beautiful rest areas and the diverse relaxation rooms you can really switch off and leave everyday life behind you. Exclusive relaxation is guaranteed by our special relaxation rooms in the Sauna Garden of Eden! Here you can lounge to your heart’s content and at the sauna bar you will find the right refreshment for in between. Let yourself be carried away into a world of relaxation and regeneration in the thermal spa in Bad Tatzmannsdorf.

Would you like to feel this unique sauna offer in your own body soon? Then do not hesitate any longer and let us know your vacation preferences via the non-binding inquiry!

Lady’s Spa

Pure women's business.

The sauna area especially for women
In the immediate vicinity of the Sauna Garden Eden, the AVITA Lady's Spa is a wellness and sauna oasis exclusively for women and a good alternative for all those who want to relax alone or with girlfriends. Four feel-good ladies' saunas, cozy retreat niches, aromatic fragrances and a refreshment corner promise a special feel-good time here.

Frequently asked questions

16 saunas for day guests. 4 extra saunas especially for women in the Lady’s Spa and 4 more saunas exclusively for hotel guests.

Sauna Garden of Eden is open Monday to Thursday and Sunday from 09:00-22:00, Friday from 09:00-00:30 and Saturday from 09:00-23:00. The AVITA Lady’s Spa is open daily from 09:00. Closing time for bathing and sauna 30 minutes before the indicated opening hours.

You can find the current prices HERE.

There are discounts for children and young people (6 to 15 years), schoolchildren, apprentices, military personnel, students up to 26 years, senior citizens, spa guests, people with disabilities, groups of 15 people or more. Please note that discounts are valid only upon presentation of a valid ID. For exact prices, please see the “Opening Hours & Prices” page.

Highlights are above all the sauna variety of 16 saunas, the AVITA Lady’s Spa the special sauna area only for women, the possibility of nude sunbathing and nude bathing, the themed and special infusions, the large relaxation area, the sauna bar as well as the Uhudler sauna and Austria’s first snow sauna.

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AVITA Therme • Resort
Thermenplatz 1, A-7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf

AVITA Therme • Resort
Thermenplatz 1
A-7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf

AVITA Therme • Resort
Thermenplatz 1
A-7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf

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AVITA Spa – Resort
Spa Square 1, A-7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf

AVITA Spa – Resort
Spa Square 1
A-7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf

AVITA Spa – Resort
Thermenplatz 1
A-7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf