Stay cool -11 degrees

Austria's first snow sauna

Powder snow to cool down after the heat

Ice fountains were yesterday - with the unique snow sauna you experience cold stimuli in a new dimension. In the AVITA Therme you can now experience snow all year round. This makes our spa in southern Burgenland the first wellness resort in Austria to have a snow sauna to gently cool the body after a sauna session or infusion. The snow is produced exclusively from water and air and therefore especially soft powder snow!

The combination of the warmth of the sauna with the dry cold of the snow room has proven to be particularly effective and is often found more pleasant than a cold water bath. In the "SnowRoom" the temperature is constantly -5 to -11 degrees and the continuously freshly produced snow can be used to rub the body for additional cooling.

Snow is beauty, brightness, silence, emotion. Each flake a small work of art. The snow room in the Sauna Garden of Eden, with its combination of dry cold and soft snow, allows you to gently cool down after a sauna session, thus bringing your body back to normal temperature. The advantage lies in gentle cooling, i.e. without shock to the organism, in the midst of a pleasant atmosphere.

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Method according to Dr. Thuile

Dr. med Christian Thuile, director of complementary medicine at the hospital of Merano in South Tyrol, developed a method for making the best use of short cold stimuli followed by warm-up phases for well-being. The dry cold can be used, among other things, for pain of the musculoskeletal system and joints, sleep disorders, for blood vessel and muscle training and for strengthening the immune system, and also helps especially pollen allergy sufferers, rheumatism patients and people who have problems with the respiratory tract.

Phase 1 - Warm up in the sauna

Relax sitting or lying down for about 12-15 minutes in the steam bath or sauna with an infusion.

Phase 2 - Cooling down phase in the snow sauna

Refresh the lungs by taking deep breaths and rub snow on any sore areas. Whether sitting or standing is purely a matter of taste. The recommended length of stay is three to five minutes, but may vary depending on physical response and frequency of use of the SnowRoom. Bathing shoes on the feet help to comfortably comply with the recommended length of stay.

Phase 3 - Relaxation phase at ambient temperature

Relax for 15-20 minutes to give the body time to let the positive effects of the treatment work. The cycle can be repeated several times. In any case, care must be taken to ensure adequate warming and hydration.

Positive effects

... for the physical organism

In addition to the general well-being (refreshing and revitalizing effect) and aesthetic benefits (skin tightening and purification), Snowellness - properly applied - also brings numerous health benefits:


Stimulation of the metabolism supports fat burning and purification.

Muscle stimulation
The alternation of heat and cold accelerates and stimulates muscle work and favors regeneration after physical exertion or sports activity.

Pain relief
For chronic pain of muscles and joints, repeated application of snow alternating with heat provides relief and improved joint mobility.

Stimulation of serotonin production and activation of endorphins promote deep relaxation and inner peace.

Immune system
The temperature change strengthens the entire immune system and blood circulation. The dry air is beneficial to the respiratory system and relieves some allergy symptoms.

Look forward to Austria's 1st snow sauna and enjoy a unique cold bath!

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AVITA Therme • Resort
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AVITA Therme • Resort
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