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Wellness in new dimensions

Holistic approach at the AVITA Premium Spa

Exclusive time out from everyday life with Spa & Wellness in Burgenland
As the heart of the AVITA resort, you enter a place of special pampering with the AVITA Premium Spa. Feel deep inside yourself to find balance and calm. The harmonious atmosphere combined with the holistic treatments will make you feel calm and recharge your batteries.

Avita Premium Spa

Invigorate the senses


Wellness treatments for every need
Our AVITA Premium Spa is our place of power, where you are the center of attention: Draw from a range of health and beauty care with lasting effects. To relax and feel. Find balance. Feel calm. Center yourself and feel good.
Activate body and mind. Recharge your batteries. Returning to its roots. AVITA Spa & Wellness

Our highly trained spa team is happy to cater to your personal needs with great attentiveness. The power of touch combined with premium products provides holistic well-being and lasting results.

Immerse yourself in the AVITA Premium Spa and return with invigorated senses and focused strength. We look forward to making your personality shine in a tailor-made way in our wellness hotel.

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4 elements

for mind & body


Activate the energy stream. Recharge your batteries. Pick up fresh momentum. Gain mobility and enjoyment of movement. Increase performance and well-being.


Experience harmony. Getting in sync. Finding one’s personal measure. Experience deceleration. Experience serenity and inner peace. Listening to your own needs. Harmonize mind and body.


Freeing yourself for something new. Release blockages in the head and musculoskeletal system. Activate life energy. Open up. Find inspiration. Strengthen positive attitude towards life. Experience spiritual freedom


Using nature as a source of strength. Resting in yourself. Reflecting on one’s roots. Sharpen self-awareness. Find inner satisfaction and support.



Wellness & Time Out

Therme und 
Sauna bei %

AVITA Therme • Resort
Thermenplatz 1, A-7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf

AVITA Therme • Resort
Thermenplatz 1
A-7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf


AVITA Therme • Resort
Thermenplatz 1
A-7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf

Spa and
Sauna at %

AVITA Spa – Resort
Spa Square 1, A-7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf

AVITA Spa – Resort
Spa Square 1
A-7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf


AVITA Spa – Resort
Thermenplatz 1
A-7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf