Water landscape in the AVITA Thermal Spa Bad Tatzmannsdorf

Swimming in one of the most beautiful thermal spas in Austria

View of the water landscape of the AVITA Thermal Spa
AVITA Thermal Spa in Bad Tatzmannsdorf

Water calms. Water invigorates. Water touches. Here in the AVITA Thermal Spa in Bad Tatzmannsdorf, pleasantly warm bathing pleasure awaits you in any weather in altogether 15 pools of varying temperatures. The organic swimming pond provides natural refreshment in the comfortable garden facility. Enjoy the precious thermal water in all its aspects during your wellness holiday in sunny South Burgenland.

Fascinating element of water

In the warm water, forget time while weightlessly floating and recharge your batteries for everyday life. Water is the most important element for us and has been working is magical attraction on us since ancient times. Diving into the thermal water means diving into a changed physical environment for the body. Anyone who listens within themselves, letting the skin as the largest sensory organ "have its say", will sense how the warm thermal water sits like a velvety soft film around the body, caressing and playing around it.

Enjoy the variety of the AVITA thermal world in Burgenland and let the healing thermal water carry you.

If you want to enjoy the luxury of a wellness holiday in the thermal hotel, send us your non-binding request directly.

AVITA Therme
Indoor pool relaxation pool

Relaxation pool 34°C

In the comfortably warm relaxation pool, it is especially easy to leave the everyday behind. Massage jets, dousing showers, neck jets, ground jets and bubble loungers help you to do so. The relaxation pool forms the heart of the AVITA Thermal Spa and extends from the indoor to the outdoor area.

Outdoor pool surrounded by a natural swimming pond

Fun pool 36°C

Embedded in the 1,200m² organic natural swimming pond, the open sky above you and massage jets in the water. In our fun pool, you can wonderfully relax. In the evening, lanterns and state-of-the-art light constellations conjure up an artistic colour play on the water surface.

Massage pool

Massage pool 36°C

It pulls here, it pinches there. The everyday places new demands on our motor system with each new day. In our comfortably warm massage pools, you can release your body from all tension. From the neck to the foot area, your muscles will be wonderfully loosened up by the different massage stations.

Relaxation pool in the AVITA

Relaxation pool 36°C

Switch off at the highest level! Visit our wonderful relaxation pool with panorama glazing and a clear view of the open-air museum. In the pleasant atmosphere, you can relax wonderfully. Ground jets and massage jets on the wall ensure an unforgettable wellness experience.

Outdoor sports pool

Sports pool 28°C

Attention sports aces! Feel like swimming the front crawl or backstroke? Then our 320m² sports pool with a length of 25m is perfect for you. Ambitious swimmers can work out as they want to. Or simply just draw leisurely lengths under the open sky. Open all-year round as long as the temperatures do not fall below freezing.

Softpool in the thermal spa

Soft pool 28°C

In the soft pool, you can enjoy swimming fun under the open sky right next to the sports pool from the middle of April to the end of September and can truly indulge yourself in the exclusive environment of the MEDITA Lounge with the dousing shower.


Whirlpool 36°C

Our incomparable whirlpool offers an entirely special kind of whirlpool experience. Thousands of air bubbles gently massage your body while you are enveloped in the comfortably warm water. Exquisite wellness enjoyment is guaranteed.

Childrens pool in the AVITA thermal spa

Children's pool 36°C

Swimming fun ahoy! Children love exploring new worlds. And where better to do so than the element of water? In the children's pool in the AVITA Thermal Spa, the focus is on fun and enjoyment. At a comfortable 36°C, our youngest guests can discover their own oasis.

Sun lounger at the organic natural pond

Organic natural swimming pond

With our spaciously designed, 1,200m² organic natural swimming pond, we bring nature directly to the resort for you. 13 romantic jetties directly by the pond promise undisturbed moments more than anything. You can reserve your personal jetty and enjoy a tasty "picnic basket for two" on it. If the pond is too refreshing, then you can avoid it in the embedded fun pool. With a bubbling 36°C, this area is the purest wellness pleasure.

Sauna Garten Eden
Cold water pool

Cold water pool 10-20°C

You can cool off after the warm sauna sessions in our cold water pool in the indoor sauna area. The whole body refreshment has a highly vitalising effect and gets your body moving again.

Kneipp pool

Kneipp pool warm 26°C/cold 10-20°C

Walk like a stork through the Kneipp pools. The cold and warm water pool promotes circulation and has a positive effect on the circulatory system. This makes the Kneipp pools a perfect complement to the sauna visit.

Small warmpool

Warm pool 34°C

Simply just drift away and relax in the pleasant warm thermal water. In our warm pool in the indoor sauna area, your well-being takes top priority. Enjoy beneficial relaxation at comfortable temperatures.

Small plunge pool

Plunge pool 10-20°C

Short, fresh cool-downs are the best way to end a wonderful day of relaxation after spending time in the sauna. Our 3 open-air plunge pools are designed exactly for this purpose. Plunge into comfortably fresh temperatures and afterwards, you will feel as good as new.

Nude swimming pool with small wodden hut

Nude swimming pool 36°C

Swim under the open sky as nature made us! In the nude swimming pool – surrounded by a bubbling waterfall –, precisely that is possible. Plunge into our therapeutic thermal water and enjoy an unimaginable feeling of freedom in a unique oasis.

AVITA Exklusiv
Infinity Pool at night

Infinity pool 36°C

Approach infinity in the AVITA Exclusive area: on a water surface of around 175m², the impressive infinity pool extends from the indoor to the outdoor area. Enjoy the peace and wonderful view with ergonomic water sofas and 36°C thermal water.