A couple enjoying the wonderful peace of nature in Burgenland on a swing, the golden autumn sun behind them.

Goldener Herbst im AVITA Resort

Der Herbst lässt sich im Südburgenland ganz besonders genießen. Im Land der Sonne können Sie sich bis weit in den Oktober hinein am goldenen Herbst-Wetter erfreuen und tanken so Kraft für die kalte Jahreszeit. Wir laden Sie ein, die bunte Farbenwelt bei geführten E-Bike, E-Mountainbike oder Walking-Touren zu entdecken.

Als Hotelgast des AVITA Resorts ist die kostenlose Nutzung von E-Bikes und E-Mountainbikes bei Ihrem Aufenthalt inkludiert.

Wir haben ganz besondere Packages für Sie zusammengestellt:

Goldener Herbst im Südburgenland - 3 Nächte

Goldener Herbst im Südburgenland - 5 Nächte

Goldener Herbst im Südburgenland - 7 Nächte

Unser Rezeptions-Team ist für Sie da!

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Bis bald im AVITA Resort.

Ihr Gastgeber Peter Prisching und
das Team des AVITA Resort

WaveMOTION ©: massages with a floating effect

Deep relaxation in the AVITA PREMIUM Spa

With WaveMOTION ©, an innovative treatment concept awaits you in the AVITA PREMIUM Spa, which combines techniques from classic massage and physiotherapy. Far-east elements complement the treatment and provide holistic well-being.

The WaveMOTION © therapy chair has a 360-degree bearing, so that it can be swivelled in all directions. This allows massage treatments to be carried out even more efficiently.

Thanks to the three-dimensional mobility of the lounger, you will feel like you are on water on the WaveMOTION ©: gently swinging and weightlessly bedded, the massage experience is especially gentle. After a short time, a feeling of deep relaxation sets in, which has both a mobilising and vitalising effect on the entire body.

Floating relaxation: the WaveMOTION © treatment

Treat yourself with a special massage experience at the AVITA PREMIUM Spa during your recuperative thermal holiday. Feel safe and supported while your body achieves deep regeneration. Gentle angular and oscillating impulses, triggered by the massage bed's special design, extend through the body as gentle waves and bring you to a state of deep physical and mental relaxation in the shortest time. The interplay of careful, therapeutic touches and a special room experience allow you to completely let go even at the finest muscular level. Your vegetative nervous system calms down. Your lymphatic system is stimulated and your self-perception strengthened. Experience floating well-being!

Are you ready for holistic recuperation? Then the AVITA team awaits your non-binding request for a holiday in Bad Tatzmannsdorf at any time.

Prices for your feel-good time on the WaveMOTION © chair:

Wavemotion treatment in the AVITA

The WaveMOTION © treatment

The floating feeling on the chair imitates the effect of laying in water, only on dry land. In this way, you experience the feeling of lightness not only in the thermal water of the AVITA Thermal Spa, but also on the specially designed massage chair. In combination with the therapeutic and targeted massage movements, a treatment is created which will relax you in every respect – an experience that you won't want to miss!

Duration 20min
Price 42 €
Duration 50min
Price 82 €