Lady's Spa – Wellness for women

A ladies' day in the thermal spa Bad Tatzmannsdorf

Women sitting on bench in the wellness area
AVITA Lady's Spa - Thermal baths in Burgenland

A separate spa just for women – the AVITA Thermal Spa provides this luxury for the women's world. Directly near to the Eden Sauna Garden and the AVITA PREMIUM Spa, an exclusive area with high-quality quiet zones and sauna attractions exclusively dedicated to HER await our female visitors.

Feel-good and switch off in the Lady's Spa

Leave the everyday and family behind you and enjoy a wellness break with your best friend or all your "girls"! Of course, men cannot enter the Lady's Spa. After all, sometimes women just want to enjoy some "me-for-me time" alone or with their friends. In the wellness area for women, you can move around informally and enjoy privacy. 4 women's saunas, pleasant retreat areas, water beds and aromatic fragrances let the everyday finally just be the everyday. The refreshment corner with water and tea completes the offer. The latest women's magazines also provide reading material. 

Sauna for women - pure luxury


A separate sauna world with four different saunas delights the hearts of our visitors. Devote yourself undisturbed to the pleasure of the sauna.

Tell your friends about the Lady's Spa and plan your joint wellness day now! We look forward to your visit..

Aroma steam bath

Aroma steam bath

Unlike the dry heat of the conventional sauna, the damp warmth dominates here in the aroma steam bath, which is especially beneficial for the skin and airways. This steam bath is also known as a fountain of health for the airways for precisely this reason. It stimulates lung activity and has a preventative effect against prospective colds or light breathing problems. But much more important: it nourishes the skin and hair!

Finnish infusion sauna

Finnish infusion sauna 90°C

The classics among the sauna can't be missing from the Lady's Spa. During the warm-up phase, the air humidity is boosted through an infusion of water and essential oils. The different therapeutic scents make each individual infusion an entirely special experience. This adds fragrance and relaxation in equal measure. Afterwards, cool down in the fresh air and under the dousing shower again.

Laconium in the lady's spa

Laconium 45°C

The humidity of the laconium is pleasantly low. In the dry sauna, the temperature is at a comfortable 45°C. Mild radiation heat detoxifies the body from different waste products. An excellent option for gently warming up and for sauna beginners.

Saltwater grotto

Saltwater grotto 50°C

Regular guests love it: the saltwater grotto! The special combination of high temperature and humidity creates a tropical rainforest climate. The dissolved mineral salts that enter the body through the skin and respiration have a cleansing and detoxifying effect. The saltwater works in such a way that the session in the saltwater grotto is recommended just as much as a holiday by the sea. And the latter is well known for having beneficial effects on the whole respiratory tract and stimulating the circulation.