Sauna landscape in the AVITA Thermal Spa

Sauna variety to melt away: sauna-going in our thermal spa in Burgenland

In the sauna landscape of the AVITA Thermal Spa, sauna fans and aspiring sauna fans have a lot of options available to them. Whether the sauna exclusively for women, steam bath or even the classic Finnish version: Exactly 24 wellness saunas in the Eden Sauna Garden, AVITA Lady's Spa and AVITA Exclusive area will have the hearts of all sauna fans racing! The numerous wellness saunas of varying temperature areas will prepare you for divine sauna pleasure. Our sauna masters also spoil you daily with a variety of refreshing and relaxing infusions.

Sauna only for women, gentle steam bath or adventurous infusion: in the sauna landscape of the AVITA Thermal Spa, sauna lovers will completely get their money's worth. If you want to enjoy all the pleasantries of a holiday in the spa hotel, then we look forward to receiving your non-binding request.

Sauna Garten Eden
Sauna with a fountain in the middle

Tepidarium 37-39°

Until today, this sauna form has enjoyed great popularity. In the hot-air bath, the body temperature is gently increased. This activates and strengthens the immune system, while at the same time purifying and detoxifying the body.

Wallow steam bath

Wallow steam bath 38°C-42°C

The skin is the human being's largest sensory organ. Fango and diverse masks are placed on the skin here and after a short application time, rinsed off again. At the same time, the escaping steam has a positive effect on the airways and respiratory organs. The additional charge for the wallow treatment is €5.00 per person – register in advance with our sauna masters.

Entrance to the bio-sauna

Organic sauna 40-55°C

In the exclusive organic sauna, you can truly relax with an air humidity of 45-50%. After a mild warm-up phase, carefully cool down under the shower or in the snow sauna and get your circulation going.

Sauna and relax in the steam bath in the AVITA Resort

Steam bath 42-48°C

We recommend visiting this special wellness temple at the beginning of each sauna visit. In the facility of the steam bath, a pleasantly damp and warm climate prevails. This cleanses the airways, stimulates the circulation and strengthens the connective tissue.


Herbal steam bath

Herbal steam bath 45-50°C

Herbs have a positive impact on the body. The humid room climate is what makes our therapeutic herbal steam bath special. Your body is gently and carefully warmed through the mild radiation warmth.

Infrared cabin

Infrared cabin 45-48°C

_PLACEHOLDER_A_An excellent alternative to all those that find the conventional sauna too hot. The infrared radiation has a direct effect on the body and generates maximum circulation stimulation in the muscles and tissues, providing the body with more nutrients.

Sauna and relax in the sauna area of ​​the AVITA Therme

Dryer 65°C

Everyone has normal saunas – we have the unique dryer! In the low temperature sauna, your body is gently heated in the warm air and then cooled down again with cold water or in the snow sauna. Relaxing has never been so pleasant!

Mine sauna with three people

Mine sauna 70-80°C

The mine sauna is a Finnish warm-up sauna, where no infusions actually take place. In this sauna chamber, the body is first warmed up and later cooled down again through cold water applications (showers, pours, Kneipp hose) or in the snow sauna.

Ice block on the sauna stones

Ice magic 80°C

At every half and full hour, an ice block is placed on the stones of the sauna oven. The melting of the ice leads to a cosy feeling of relaxation and recovery after each sauna session.

Lake sauna with three people

Lake sauna 90-100°C

The heat is emitted by a special stone sauna oven. At certain times, different special infusions are run through this by our sauna masters. A special experience that you shouldn't miss. You can secure your place during the infusion through an additional fee of €1.00 per person (easy booking via your data medium). This is how we guarantee top quality with the infusions.

Uhudler arbour sauna

Uhudler arbour sauna 90-100°C

Visiting the sauna with a South Burgenland flair – experience a special sauna experience where the culinary ambassador of South Burgenland is at the centre: the Uhudler.

In the Uhudler arbour sauna, the finest sauna enjoyment "under the arbour" awaits you. The outdoor area of the sauna is a recreation of a typical South Burgenland wine cellar.

Uhudler dome sauna

Uhudler dome sauna 90-100°C

In the Uhudler dome sauna, you sit practically directly in the wine cellar – decorative wine barrels included. The hot air of 90-100°C first warms the body. Then you cool it down in the fresh air and refreshing water again. With special rituals and infusions you can experience the Uhudler and fragrance of the grapes up close.

Minus sauna covered in snow

Snow sauna -11 to -5°C

As of recently, the AVITA Thermal Spa now has snow all year round – in the unique snow sauna. The AVITA Resort is thus the first wellness resort in Austria to have a snow sauna – a chamber full of snow to gently cool down the body after a sauna session or infusion. The snow is exclusively produced using water and air and is therefore especially cotton-soft powdered snow!

Cold water pool

Cold water pool 10-20°C

You can cool off after the warm sauna sessions in our cold water pool in the indoor sauna area. The whole body refreshment has a highly vitalising effect and gets your body moving again.

Kneipp pool

Kneipp pool warm 26°C/cold 10-20°C

Walk like a stork through the Kneipp pools. The cold and warm water pool promotes circulation and has a positive effect on the circulatory system. This makes the Kneipp pools a perfect complement to the sauna visit.

Small warmpool

Warm pool 34°C

Simply drift and relax in the comfortably warm thermal water after the sauna sessions. In our warm pools in the indoor sauna area, your well-being takes top priority. Enjoy beneficial relaxation with pleasant temperatures.

Small plunge pool

Plunge pool 10-20°C

Short, fresh cool-downs are the best way to end a wonderful day of relaxation after spending time in the sauna. Our 3 open-air plunge pools are designed exactly for this purpose. Plunge into comfortably fresh temperatures and afterwards, you will feel as good as new.

Nude swimming pool with small wodden hut

Nude swimming pool 36°C

Swim under the open sky as nature made us! In the nude swimming pool – surrounded by a bubbling waterfall –, precisely that is possible. Plunge into our therapeutic thermal water and enjoy an unimaginable feeling of freedom in a unique oasis.

Lady’s Spa
Aroma steam bath

Aroma steam bath 45-55°C

Unlike the dry heat of the conventional sauna, the damp warmth dominates here in the aroma steam bath. This steam bath is also known as a fountain of health for the airways for precisely this reason. It also nourishes the skin and hair!

Laconium in the lady's spa

Laconium 45°C

The humidity of the laconium is pleasantly low. In the dry sauna, the temperature is at a comfortable 45°C. Mild radiation heat detoxifies the body from different waste products.

Saltwater grotto

Saltwater grotto 50°C

The special combination of high temperature and air humidity generates a tropical rainforest climate, making the stay in the saltwater grotto just as recommendable as a trip to the sea - a good deed for the whole respiratory tract.

Finnish infusion sauna

Finnish infusion sauna 90°C

The classic among saunas is also not missing from the Lady's Spa. The air humidity is boosted through an infusion with water and essential oils. This adds fragrance and relaxation in equal measure. Afterwards, you cool off again in the fresh air and refreshing water.

AVITA Exklusiv
Saltwater steam oasis

Saltwater steam oasis 42-48°C

The super-fine atomised salt water in the saltwater steam oasis fills the entire room, developing an unmistakable aroma. The salty, hot air clears your airways, stimulates circulation and strengthens the connective tissue.

Infrared double cabins

2 infrared double cabins 45-48°C

An excellent alternative to the conventional sauna exclusively for 2 people. The gentle warmth via infrared radiation has a direct effect on the body and generates maximum circulation stimulation in the muscles and tissues, providing the body with more nutrients.

Big panorama sauna

Panorama sauna 90-100°C

The classic Finnish sauna reinterpreted in an exclusive ambience and with panorama glazing! During the warm-up phase, the air humidity is increased through an infusion with water and essential oils. This adds fragrance and relaxation in equal measure.