Quiet areas in the sauna landscape of the AVITA Resort

Resting after the heat baths

Loungers in the quiet room
Quiet rooms in the Eden Sauna Garden

Resting and drinking after visiting the sauna are especially important. Give your body time to rest and simply "put your feet up" after the sauna. This helps to balance the entire heart/circulatory system.

Here at the AVITA Resort, you will find many relaxing spots and retreats in all sauna areas.

Outdoor area of the Eden Sauna Garden

The beautiful, spacious outdoor area of the Eden Sauna Garden offers many comfortable lounging options under the open sky. Fans of smooth tanning will get their money's worth here – the entire Eden Sauna Garden is a nude area. On the swinging chairs, you can escape the everyday especially well. Retreats such as a canopy bead are waiting to be discovered and invite you to relax.

Tip: The loungers above the dryer are wonderfully covered spots and exclusive retreats in the Eden Sauna Garden.

Sun terrace

The sun terrace on the "upper deck" offers a beautiful view of the sauna garden, along with the relaxing loungers for undisturbed sunbathing.

Panorama quiet room

A place of tranquillity with a panoramic view of the Eden Sauna Garden and loungers inviting you to relax.

Directly adjoining you can find a cosy lounge for reading.

"Amica" quiet room

The "Amica" quiet room offers another lovely option for plopping down and simply forgetting the everyday.

"Lenzia" quiet room

The "Lenzia" quiet room is an especially cosy retreat with panorama glazing directly onto the Eden Sauna Garden.

Special quiet rooms

Loungers in the quiet room
Special quiet rooms - every quiet room is unique

Our special quiet rooms are wonderful places of retreat and silence. In the 3 exclusive quiet rooms, you have the chance to reach a state of absolute relaxation on your wellness holiday. Each of the quiet rooms has its own features:

the meditative quiet room offers relaxing music for immersion and the alternating colour-light stimulation brings deep relaxation.

In the quiet room with water beds, you lay as if floating on clouds – simply wonderful after visiting the sauna.

The quiet room with heated beds is reminiscent of the sauna tradition of the ancient Romans. You can escape the everyday on wonderfully comfortable heated beds made from fine sandstone.

Quiet area in the AVITA Lady's Spa

In the AVITA Lady's Spa, all women will find an exclusive area of peace and retreat. The waterbeds in the quiet room carry "HER" in their hands. A water bar and selected magazines round the peaceful experience off perfectly.

Find your well-deserved rest in your AVITA wellness thermal spa in Burgenland. Whether you want to withdraw with your reading material, take a nap or let the last sauna session take effect, with the differently designed quiet rooms with plenty of space, every guest will find the lounger for them.

Do you want to savour the thermal spa and the wellness landscape in all its aspects? Then with the non-binding request, you are in the right place!