A couple enjoying the wonderful peace of nature in Burgenland on a swing, the golden autumn sun behind them.

Goldener Herbst im AVITA Resort

Der Herbst lässt sich im Südburgenland ganz besonders genießen. Im Land der Sonne können Sie sich bis weit in den Oktober hinein am goldenen Herbst-Wetter erfreuen und tanken so Kraft für die kalte Jahreszeit. Wir laden Sie ein, die bunte Farbenwelt bei geführten E-Bike, E-Mountainbike oder Walking-Touren zu entdecken.

Als Hotelgast des AVITA Resorts ist die kostenlose Nutzung von E-Bikes und E-Mountainbikes bei Ihrem Aufenthalt inkludiert.

Wir haben ganz besondere Packages für Sie zusammengestellt:

Goldener Herbst im Südburgenland - 3 Nächte

Goldener Herbst im Südburgenland - 5 Nächte

Goldener Herbst im Südburgenland - 7 Nächte

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Bis bald im AVITA Resort.

Ihr Gastgeber Peter Prisching und
das Team des AVITA Resort

AVITA Exclusive sauna

Sauna area exclusively for hotel guests of the AVITA Resort

Sauna area with seating
20 wellness saunas leave nothing to be desired

In addition to the sauna landscape of the thermal spa, our hotel guests can enjoy even more sauna experiences: in the AVITA Exclusive area, four wellness saunas will provide some hot hours. As a hotel guest in the AVITA Resort, there are therefore a total of 20 different wellness saunas available to you.

Saunas in the AVITA Exclusive area

Experience the many varieties of heating pleasure in the diverse sauna landscape of the AVITA Resort, one of the most beautiful of its kind in Austria. From gentle steam baths through classic saunas to various cool-down options, the sauna day is a real pleasure. You can find relaxation and recovery in the fresh air in the Eden Sauna Garden, which draws you in with a nude swimming pool, waterfall and spacious sunbathing areas for unclothed recovery and relaxation.

Pure recovery: wellness holidays in Burgenland

As a hotel guest, you enjoy the entire wellness resort to the full. Treat yourself to a special recuperative holiday in the AVITA Thermal Spa in Burgenland and send us your non-binding request!

Saltwater steam oasis in the AVITA

Saltwater steam oasis 42-48°C

Relax surrounded by finely atomised saltwater, which fills the whole room with an unmistakable aroma. In addition, the saltwater especially promotes the health: The salty, hot air clears your airways, stimulates circulation and strengthens the connective tissue.

Infrared double cabins

2 infrared double cabins 45-48°C

You can find a gentle sauna experience as an alternative to the classic sauna in our infrared cabin, exclusively for two people. The gentle warmth via infrared radiation has a direct effect on the body and generates maximum circulation stimulation in the muscles and tissues, providing the body with more nutrients

Big panorama sauna

Panorama sauna 90-100°C

In the AVITA Exclusive Area, a classic Finnish sauna must not be left out. In a relaxed atmosphere and with wonderful panorama glazing, you can enjoy an exclusive sauna experience! During the warm-up phase, the air humidity is boosted through an infusion of water and essential oils. This adds fragrance and relaxation in equal measure.