Visit our atmospheric relaxation bays or the sparkling waterfall. The planted reclining areas in the Sauna Garden Eden invite you to linger and soak in the atmosphere. Dive into your personal wellness dream!

mine sauna - Sauna Austria AVITA Resort


If you feel like warming up a little before your sauna experience, we recommend our unique mine sauna without infusions. This chamber in our hotel sauna allows the body to acclimatise. Subsequently, cold water applications (showers, pours, and Kneipp hoses) ensure regulated cooling.

bio sauna - Sauna Austria AVITA Resort


“Bio” is a hot topic! This is why we don’t want to neglect this aspect of wellness. Our exclusive bio-sauna allows you to relax in an environment with between 45 and 50 percent humidity. After a mild warming phase, we recommend a cooling shower.

steam bath - Sauna Austria AVITA Resort


Even the ancient Romans were aware of the benefits of saunas. These benefits can be experienced particularly well in our steam bath. We recommend visiting this particular wellness temple at the beginning of a sauna session. Our steam bath area has a pleasantly warm and humid climate. It cleanses the respiratory tract, stimulates the circulation, and strengthens the connective tissue.

kiln - Sauna Austria AVITA Resort


Normal saunas are for everyone - we have a unique kiln! This low-temperature sauna gently warms your body with warm air before cooling it down again in cold water. Relaxing has never felt more enjoyable and the process is completed by the comfortable sauna chairs in our sauna area.

ice magic - Sauna Austria AVITA Resort


Every full and half hour, our savvy sauna masters place an ice block on the stones of the sauna stove. The melting of the ice leads to a comforting feeling of relaxation and recuperation after every sauna session.

finnish warm-up sauna - Sauna Austria AVITA Resort


The Finns are real sauna experts. So could there be a better place to warm-up than in a Finnish warm-up sauna? In this wellness oasis, the humidity level stands at approximately 10 percent. The hot air of this exclusive chamber first warms the body up before you step out into the fresh air or dive into the water to cool down again.

finnish block sauna - Sauna Austria AVITA Resort


Naturally, this classic sauna is also part of our repertoire. The typical Finnish block sauna is hot and dry. During the warm-up phase, the humidity level is increased by an infusion with water and ethereal oils. This is fragrant and relaxing alike.

infrared cabin - Sauna Austria AVITA Resort


The infrared cabin offers the best heat for your health. It is also an excellent alternative for those who find conventional saunas too hot. Unlike a traditional sauna, our exclusive infrared cabin generates heat via infrared radiation, which has a more direct effect on the body. The evenly sustained intensity leads to a maximum circulation stimulation in muscles and tissue. Thus, the body is supplied with more nutrients.

herbal steam bath - Sauna Austria AVITA Resort


Herbs have a positive effect on the body - not only in food, beverages, or creams. The humid air is what makes our soothing herbal steam bath so special. Your body is gently and carefully warmed by the mild, radiant heat.

sea sauna - Sauna Austria AVITA Resort


The heat in our innovative sea sauna emanates from a special sauna oven made of stone. In this case, our sauna masters execute various infusions at differing times. This is a special experience that all sauna enthusiasts really shouldn’t miss.

Note: In order to guarantee better quality in terms of infusions, the surcharge for the special applications is € 1.00. You can reserve your place in the sea sauna at the sauna bar.

mud pool - Sauna Austria AVITA Resort


The skin is the largest human sensory organ. This is why our mud pool steam bath focuses on that particular organ by applying mud and other masks to the skin and rinsing it off after a short exposure time. At the same time, the emanating steam has a positive effect on the respiratory tract and organs.

Tepidarium - Sauna Austria AVITA Resort


The so-called Tepidarium was an important element of the spa culture in ancient Rome. This form of sauna enjoys popularity to this day for good reason. The warm air increases the body temperature gently, which activates and strengthens the immune system. At the same time, the body is purified and detoxified.

cold water basin - Sauna Austria AVITA Resort


Our cold water basin has a cooling effect after sauna sessions. This refreshment of the whole body is highly revitalising and reinvigorating. Our guests leave the so-called cold water basing both refreshed and revived.

Kneipp basin - Sauna Austria AVITA Resort


Wade through our Kneipp basins like a stork. This hot and cold water basin promotes blood circulation, thus having a positive effect on your circulatory system. This makes the Kneipp pools the perfect complement to sauna sessions.

skinny dipping pool - Sauna Austria AVITA Resort


Experience open-air swimming in your birthday suit! The skinny dipping pool at the Sauna Garden Eden in Bad Tatzmannsdorf makes this possible. Dive into the water and enjoy your physical freedom in this unique oasis.

diving pool - Sauna Austria AVITA Resort


Short, fresh cool-downs after sauna sessions are the perfect way to end a wonderful day of relaxation. This is what our diving pool is made for. Enjoy the comfortably fresh temperatures while diving into the water. You will feel like a new person, and that’s a promise.

warm pool - Sauna Austria AVITA Resort


Let your soul wander in the warm, comforting thermal water. In our warm pool, your wellbeing is paramount. Enjoy a respite from everyday life in a pleasantly warm environment.