Would you like to relax alone or revel in sauna pleasures with girlfriends? Then the AVITA Lady’s Spa is the place for you! Four wellness saunas for women, cosy retreat niches, exciting aromatic fragrances, and refreshment corners guarantee a special wellness experience. This sauna area is for women only!

aroma steam bath - Sauna for women


In contrast to the dry heat of traditional saunas, the aroma steam bath is defined by a humid environment. This is why this particular steam bath is known for its beneficial effect on the respiratory system. In addition, it has a positive effect on both your skin and hair!

finnish infusion sauna - Sauna for women


he Finnish sauna experts know that high temperatures turn an infusion into a particularly relaxing experience. The second aspect is a targeted cooling of the body.

Laconium - Sauna for women


The humidity level in the so-called Laconium is pleasantly low. This dry sauna form is defined by a soothing temperature of 45°C. The mild radiant heat ensures a detoxification of the body.

brine water grotto - Sauna for women


Our regulars simply adore our brine water grotto! The special combination of high temperatures and humidity creates a tropical rainforest climate. The brine water ensures that your stay in the brine water grotto feels like a vacation at the sea. As we all know, such a vacation is perceived as a blessing for the entire respiratory tract and stimulates circulation.

AVITA Ladys Spa - Sauna for women
AVITA Ladys Spa - Sauna for women
AVITA Ladys Spa - Sauna for women
AVITA Ladys Spa - Sauna for women