Data protection declaration - Austria


Data processing takes place on the basis of the legal provisions of Section 96 Para. 3 of the TKG as well as Art. 6 Para. 1 lit a (Consent) and/or lit b (necessary for contract fulfilment) of the GDPR. Those at the AVITA Resort GmbH & Co KG tasted with the handling and process have accessed to the provided data and have password-protected access.

a) Scope of the saved data
Fundamentally, the principle of data economy is applies. Therefore only data that is actually relevant or necessary or required for the activity and corporate purpose of the AVITA Resort GmbH & Co KG is collected saved and processed, in order to fulfil our statutory or contractual obligations.

Essentially, we save and process the following personal data: Name, telephone number, email and address

b.) Origin of data
We mainly work with data that you directly provide to us. This may be by email, on a business card, via a contact form, written correspondence, telephone call or even in a different way. In addition, we complete the data in some cases with information from publicly accessible sources (e.g. your website, telephone book, classified directory, etc.)

c.) Transfer of data - order processor, receiver
No data is transmitted to third parties, with the exception of companies that have concluded an order processing contract with us. These order processors are obligated for the strict protection of your personal data and may not process your personal data for any other purpose other than to provide our services.

d.) Duration of storage
There are no generally applicable storage periods as it cannot be defined in advance how long a customer/partner/etc. should or has to be contacted. Furthermore, we are of course bound to the legally defined periods.

e.) Your rights
We hereby inform you of the existence of a right to information on the part of the person responsible concerning the affected personal data as well as to correction or deletion or to limitation of processing or a right to objection against the processing as well as the right to data transferability.If there is doubt on the part of the person responsible concerning your identity during a request for information of personal data, your data must be proven, if necessary. Doubts of this nature usually occur during telephone requests or with requests from a fantasy email address. If there are no doubts concerning your identity or this has been confirmed, we will respond to your request for information from personal data within 4 weeks.

If you believe that the processing of your data violates the data protection law or that your data protection-related claims have otherwise been infringed upon, you can make a complaint with the supervisory authority. In Austria, this is the Data Protection Authority.

f.) Required data
If you enter into a contractual relationship with us as a customer, supplier or business partner, you are obligated to provide us with the necessary data (including personal data) for this purpose and to give us your consent for the storage and processing of this data. If you cannot guarantee this consent or withdraw it at a later point in time, this may result in us no longer being able to fulfil our contractual obligations. Please bear in mind that justified financial claims on our part in this case remain unaffected and that we will insist upon these.


To guarantee your security and guarantee confidentiality, online bookings are performed using the encryption software SSL. Your credit card number and all data that you provide while filling out the online form are automatically encrypted and protected during transmission within the network. SSL automatically encrypts all data that you enter before it is transferred to the network. You can recognise an encrypted connection when the address bar of the browser changes from "http://" to "https://" and by the lock symbol in your browser task bar. As soon as the information reaches our servers, it is encrypted with an individual key. SSL allows your browser to establish a secure connection with our website. If SSL encryption is activated, the data you provide us with cannot be read by third parties.


Our website uses so-called cookies to provide you with a user-friendly experience. These are small text files that are stored on your end device using the browser. These are not harmful. Whenever you visit our site, a permanent cookie is generated and stored on your computer's hard drive. This cookie allows us to identify you next time you visit our site, so that we can make finding our site easier for you from our side and adapt it individually to your needs. We use cookies to make our offer user-friendly. If you do not consent to this, then you can set up your browser to inform you about the placement of cookies and to only allow them on a case-by-case basis. Deactivating cookies can limit the functionality of our website. Furthermore. deactivating a cookie or cookie category does not cause an existing cookie to be deleted by a browser. This must be done separately within your own browser.

You can find technical information concerning the handling of cookies in your browser here:

Google Chrome: Google Chrome Support

Mozilla Firefox: Mozilla Info Article

Safari: Apple Support

Internet Explorer: Microsoft Support


We would like to point out that for the purpose of an easier shopping process and for later order processing in our web shop, in addition to the name, address, email, telephone number and credit card number of the purchase, the IP data of the connection owner are also saved as part of cookies. The data already provided by you is required to fulfil the order or to perform pre-contractual measures. Without this data we are unable to complete the contract with you. No data is transferred to third parties, with the exception of the transmission of credit card details to the processing bank institution/payment service provider for the purpose of debiting the purchase price.

In the case of support measures, the order processor also has access to your data, but may only use these for the purpose of support measures and not for their own purposes.

After termination of the purchasing or order process, the data we save is deleted after 14 days to be able to support any problems with the order process. In the case of a contract conclusion, all data is saved from the contractual relationship until the expiry of the statutory storage period of 7 years.

The data (name, address, voucher order, purchased goods and purchase date) is furthermore saved until the expiry of product liability (10 years) or the expiry of the consumer protection law on the basis of guarantee and redemption period of vouchers (30 years).


Through our website, you have the option to subscribe to our newsletter. For this we require your email address and consent to receive the newsletter. In order to tailor this to you, we also collect and process specified details concerning areas of interest, birthday and postcode as well as your full name, title and address. As soon as you have registered for the newsletter, we will send you a confirmation email with a link to confirm the registration.

The subscription to the newsletter can be cancelled at any time. You can find the corresponding unsubscribe link in every newsletter. Alternatively, send your cancellation to the following email address: We will then immediately delete your data relating to the newsletter delivery.


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Übersichtskarte/overview map AVITA Resort Übersichtskarte/overview map AVITA Resort Übersichtskarte/overview map AVITA Resort Übersichtskarte/overview map AVITA Resort

Thermal spa reception

Welcome to the AVITA Thermal Spa, your cuddly wellness thermal spa in South Burgenland!

Relaxation pool

In the comfortably warm relaxation pool, it is especially easy to leave the everyday behind. Massage jets, dousing showers, neck jets, ground jets and bubble loungers help with this.

Fun pool

Embedded in the 1,200m² organic natural swimming pond, the open sky above you and massage jets in the water.

Children's pool

Swimming fun ahoy! In the children's pool of the AVITA Thermal Spa, fun and enjoyment in the water element take priority.

Massage pool

In our comfortably warm massage pool, you can relieve your body of all tension that comes with the everyday.

Organic natural swimming pond

Experience magical moments by and in the 1,200m² organic natural swimming pond - the exclusive biotope in the wonderful garden of the AVITA Thermal Spa.

Relax pool

Switch off at the highest level! Visit our wonderful relax pool with panorama glazing and an open view of the open-air museum. Ground jets and massage jets on the wall will ensure an unforgettable wellness experience.

Soft pool

In the soft pool, you can enjoy refreshing swimming fun under the open sky from mid-April to the end of September and can be truly spoiled by the dousing shower in the exclusive environment of the MEDITA Lounge.

Sports pool

Feel like swimming the front crawl or the backstroke? Then our 320m2 sports pool with a length of 25m is perfect for you.


Our incomparable whirlpool is of a very special kind. Thousands of air bubbles gently massage your body while you are enveloped by the comfortably warm water.

Chill quiet room

In the light-flooded "Chill" quiet room, you relax in a gently sensuous ambience with a phenomenal view of the idyllic biotope. Sink into the cosy loungers and leave the everyday behind you.

Well quiet room

In the "Well" quiet room, the view of the green surroundings and the natural swimming pond that you enjoy from the cosy loungers is thrilling. Pure relaxation!

Romantic garden

Comfortable hammocks, cosy swinging chairs and extensive, lush green lounging areas – embedded in the open-air museum – offer a favourite spot for everyone.

AVITA Fitness Centre

In our air-conditioned Fitness Centre with a 200m² training area, you can complete your sports session in a spacious atmosphere with a fantastic panorama before your eyes.


Pilates, fascia training, yoga or mobilisation training: In the Avalon gymnastics room, body and soul will be activated with a range of different sports programmes.


Whatever you need for your stay in the AVITA Thermal Spa in Burgenland, the AVITA Shop is your port of call.

MEDITA Thermal Restaurant

Our MEDITA Thermal Restaurant with sunny panorama terrace presents itself as Mediterranean with a southern flair. Enjoy crunchy salads, homemade pasta, delicious steaks, grilled fish and much more.


Our MEDITA Lounge on the panorama terrace invites you to relax. Enjoy a fruity cocktail or a refreshing ice cream on the cosy lounge furniture

AVITA Lady's Spa

In the wellness area for women, you can move around informally and enjoy privacy. 4 women's saunas, cosy retreat areas, water beds and aromatic fragrances finally let the everyday be just the everyday.

Eden Sauna Garden

In the Eden Sauna Garden, a unique world of wellness is open for your carefree enjoyment. Enjoy the variety of saunas: 16 wellness saunas, such as the saltwater, lake sauna, dryer, mine sauna or the herbal steam bath will provide sauna fans with divine sauna enjoyment


In the AVITA PREMIUM Spa area, you can devote yourself to an entirely separate world of holistic treatments, which affect body, mind and soul. Exclusive massages, facials and body treatments will give you a special break on your wellness holiday.

Hotel reception

During your entire stay, the employees of the AVITA Resort are available to assist you and support you with any concerns surrounding your holiday in the sunny thermal region in South Burgenland.

AVITA Restaurant

Experience gourmet at the highest level in the AVITA Restaurant. Carefully selected ingredients are refined with seasoning and charmingly prepared by our Head Chef Jürgen Zach and his team.

Hotel garden

Directly from the AVITA Exclusive area, you can access our hotel garden, which offers cosy hammocks to lean back in as well as comfortable loungers. A special place exclusively for our hotel guests: the hotel garden offers plenty of space for cosy relaxation, lined by the beautiful ...

AVITA Exclusive

The dignified water, sauna and quiet area AVITAExclusive with its sensuous ambience is exclusively available to hotel guests.

Pool bar

The pool bar in the relaxation pool of the AVITA Thermal Spa draws you to enjoy a cosy chat and refreshing drink in the comfortably warm thermal water.

Sun terrace

Enjoy pleasurable moments on our spacious sun terrace with a wonderful panorama view. From breakfast through the energetic midday snack to the relaxed day's end.

Free cooking

Be there live and witness our chefs preparing the delicacies: our "free cooking" open kitchen provides you with both entertainment and enjoyable anticipation.

Weitblick seminar room

The state-of-the-art equipped, multi-functional, 130m², "Weitblick" room offers plenty of space for ideas. Whether for a larger group or divided into two 65m² rooms - we will find the right version for your seminar or meeting.

Uhudler sauna

The Uhudler sauna is a speciality from South Burgenland and unique to the AVITA Resort. You virtually sit directly in a wine cellar and enjoy a Finnish sauna experience.

Snow sauna

Experience the cold impulse in a new dimension in our unique snow sauna. Let your body gently cool down again after the sauna session and return it to its usual temperature in this way.

Lake sauna

The heat is exuded by a special stone sauna oven. At certain times, different special infusions are performed here - creating a very special experience.