Enjoy selected wines in the AVITA Thermal Resort

Wine from Burgenland

Wine bottles with grapes on the table
Selected wines from Burgenland

Hospitality and sincerity paired with treats from the kitchen and cellar make the visit to the AVITA Restaurant a true pleasure for all the senses! To go with our regional delicacies, we also rely on quality and regionality with our selected wines. We offer you only the best from our home. In Burgenland, outstanding wines are pressed which accompany the cuisine in the AVITA Resort perfectly. In addition to wines from the local wine scene, you will also find young, aspiring vintners who approach the development of their wines with great commitment and a lot of passion on our wine menu. The best drops from Burgenland as well as excellent Austrian wines are available to choose from.

Burgenland wines – unique variety and quality

The continental, hot Pannonian climate of South Burgenland gives rise to both excellent reds and white wines, the leading varieties of them all being Blaufränkisch and Welschriesling. The red wines pressed in the most eastern region of Austria are considered the most full-bodied representatives. While east of Lake Neusiedler, Blaue Zweigelt as well as Blaufränkisch and Sankt Laurent are primarily grown, the Seewinkel is one of the few major sweet wine heartlands in the world. The high air humidity due to the numerous "Zicklacken" salty soil areas promotes the formation of noble rot, which favours the large berry and dry beer harvests. The results are especially high-quality Welschriesling, Chardonnay, Scheurebe and Traminer. Complex white wines arise from the eastern slope of the Leithagebirge with its limestone and slate surface. 

Depending on the soil condition of the respective region, the Blaufränkisch from Burgenland shows different qualities. On the heavy clay soil of Central Burgenland and also north of the Rosaliagebirge, varieties with particular depth in fruit and length grow. Down in the south, the Eisenberg with its special soil and a hint of the Styrian climate offers the best conditions for red wines from the finest minerals and incomparable elegance. 

Burgenland wine culture is especially characterised by the pioneering spirit of the vintners. In recent years, wines of international grape varieties and cuvées achieved the greatest recognition. Since the first origin-typical wine, the Central Burgenland DAC (year 2005), the Leithaberg DAC and the Eisenberg DAC have also reestablished themselves to date. With the introduction of the Neusiedlersee DAC in March 2012, the Burgenland DAC family circle is complete. 

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The Uhudler - a speciality from South Burgenland

The Uhudler – a unique speciality

In South Burgenland, one wine is grown that is only here and nowhere else in Austria: the Uhudler. In terms of appearance, it is similar to a light red wine or rose, and its intense aroma is reminiscent of wild strawberries or blackcurrants. The Uhudler is a direct carrier wine and comes from a vine that was introduced from America in 1860 and was resistant to the phyloxera epidemic of that time. From the 1930s onwards, direct carrier wines were, however, banned, so the Uhudler was not allowed to be produced officially and sold until 1992.

Relish the unique wine variety of Burgenland, from rich red wines through light white wines to the berry-like Uhudler – a speciality of South Burgenland. The AVITA service team will be happy to help you at any time to recommend the perfect drops to accompany your meal.

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Thermal spa reception

Welcome to the AVITA Thermal Spa, your cuddly wellness thermal spa in South Burgenland!

Relaxation pool

In the comfortably warm relaxation pool, it is especially easy to leave the everyday behind. Massage jets, dousing showers, neck jets, ground jets and bubble loungers help with this.

Fun pool

Embedded in the 1,200m² organic natural swimming pond, the open sky above you and massage jets in the water.

Children's pool

Swimming fun ahoy! In the children's pool of the AVITA Thermal Spa, fun and enjoyment in the water element take priority.

Massage pool

In our comfortably warm massage pool, you can relieve your body of all tension that comes with the everyday.

Organic natural swimming pond

Experience magical moments by and in the 1,200m² organic natural swimming pond - the exclusive biotope in the wonderful garden of the AVITA Thermal Spa.

Relax pool

Switch off at the highest level! Visit our wonderful relax pool with panorama glazing and an open view of the open-air museum. Ground jets and massage jets on the wall will ensure an unforgettable wellness experience.

Soft pool

In the soft pool, you can enjoy refreshing swimming fun under the open sky from mid-April to the end of September and can be truly spoiled by the dousing shower in the exclusive environment of the MEDITA Lounge.

Sports pool

Feel like swimming the front crawl or the backstroke? Then our 320m2 sports pool with a length of 25m is perfect for you.


Our incomparable whirlpool is of a very special kind. Thousands of air bubbles gently massage your body while you are enveloped by the comfortably warm water.

Chill quiet room

In the light-flooded "Chill" quiet room, you relax in a gently sensuous ambience with a phenomenal view of the idyllic biotope. Sink into the cosy loungers and leave the everyday behind you.

Well quiet room

In the "Well" quiet room, the view of the green surroundings and the natural swimming pond that you enjoy from the cosy loungers is thrilling. Pure relaxation!

Romantic garden

Comfortable hammocks, cosy swinging chairs and extensive, lush green lounging areas – embedded in the open-air museum – offer a favourite spot for everyone.

AVITA Fitness Centre

In our air-conditioned Fitness Centre with a 200m² training area, you can complete your sports session in a spacious atmosphere with a fantastic panorama before your eyes.


Pilates, fascia training, yoga or mobilisation training: In the Avalon gymnastics room, body and soul will be activated with a range of different sports programmes.


Whatever you need for your stay in the AVITA Thermal Spa in Burgenland, the AVITA Shop is your port of call.

MEDITA Thermal Restaurant

Our MEDITA Thermal Restaurant with sunny panorama terrace presents itself as Mediterranean with a southern flair. Enjoy crunchy salads, homemade pasta, delicious steaks, grilled fish and much more.


Our MEDITA Lounge on the panorama terrace invites you to relax. Enjoy a fruity cocktail or a refreshing ice cream on the cosy lounge furniture

AVITA Lady's Spa

In the wellness area for women, you can move around informally and enjoy privacy. 4 women's saunas, cosy retreat areas, water beds and aromatic fragrances finally let the everyday be just the everyday.

Eden Sauna Garden

In the Eden Sauna Garden, a unique world of wellness is open for your carefree enjoyment. Enjoy the variety of saunas: 16 wellness saunas, such as the saltwater, lake sauna, dryer, mine sauna or the herbal steam bath will provide sauna fans with divine sauna enjoyment


In the AVITA PREMIUM Spa area, you can devote yourself to an entirely separate world of holistic treatments, which affect body, mind and soul. Exclusive massages, facials and body treatments will give you a special break on your wellness holiday.

Hotel reception

During your entire stay, the employees of the AVITA Resort are available to assist you and support you with any concerns surrounding your holiday in the sunny thermal region in South Burgenland.

AVITA Restaurant

Experience gourmet at the highest level in the AVITA Restaurant. Carefully selected ingredients are refined with seasoning and charmingly prepared by our Head Chef Jürgen Zach and his team.

Hotel garden

Directly from the AVITA Exclusive area, you can access our hotel garden, which offers cosy hammocks to lean back in as well as comfortable loungers. A special place exclusively for our hotel guests: the hotel garden offers plenty of space for cosy relaxation, lined by the beautiful ...

AVITA Exclusive

The dignified water, sauna and quiet area AVITAExclusive with its sensuous ambience is exclusively available to hotel guests.

Pool bar

The pool bar in the relaxation pool of the AVITA Thermal Spa draws you to enjoy a cosy chat and refreshing drink in the comfortably warm thermal water.

Sun terrace

Enjoy pleasurable moments on our spacious sun terrace with a wonderful panorama view. From breakfast through the energetic midday snack to the relaxed day's end.

Free cooking

Be there live and witness our chefs preparing the delicacies: our "free cooking" open kitchen provides you with both entertainment and enjoyable anticipation.

Weitblick seminar room

The state-of-the-art equipped, multi-functional, 130m², "Weitblick" room offers plenty of space for ideas. Whether for a larger group or divided into two 65m² rooms - we will find the right version for your seminar or meeting.

Uhudler sauna

The Uhudler sauna is a speciality from South Burgenland and unique to the AVITA Resort. You virtually sit directly in a wine cellar and enjoy a Finnish sauna experience.

Snow sauna

Experience the cold impulse in a new dimension in our unique snow sauna. Let your body gently cool down again after the sauna session and return it to its usual temperature in this way.

Lake sauna

The heat is exuded by a special stone sauna oven. At certain times, different special infusions are performed here - creating a very special experience.