Regionality is prioritised in the culinary area

Our regional suppliers

Chef seasoning a burger
Food from Austria - AVITA Restaurant

One of the strengths of the AVITA cuisine is the many products from suppliers from the area. Taste the pure quality of real food from Austria that hasn't travelled halfway around the globe. Thanks to its mild climate, Burgenland is blessed with natural food – experience the culinary variety during your thermal holiday in Bad Tatzmannsdorf.

Have a regional feast in the wellness hotel in Burgenland

Get to know specialities from Burgenland and the region and treat your palate with the highest taste experiences, from the breakfast buffet through the energetic midday snack to the 5-course menu in the evening. The Gourmet Luxury Board allows you to sumptuously enjoy your wellness holiday in Burgenland in every respect.

Bread & pastry - Bäckerei Bayer in Oberschützen

Bäckerei Bayer is a traditional establishment running since 1945, that is currently being managed in its third generation. The master bakery establishment is based in the school town of Oberschützen, approx. 3km from Bad Tatzmannsdorf.

Along with Manager Egon Bayer and his wife Helga, as well as their parents, 12 other employees, mainly from the region, make up the friendly team.

Bäckerei Bayer produces delicious pastries for the AVITA Resort, which range from classic bread rolls through farmhouse bread and wholewheat specialities to carnival donuts.
There is nothing more delicious that the smell of fresh bread and pastries at the glorious breakfast buffet!

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Meat and sausages - Hatwagner Butcher's in Bernstein

The Fleischerei Hatwagner butchers' stands for first-class meat and sausage specialities. The traditional, South Burgenland company has its company headquarters in Bernstein and 6 other branches in the region. The butchers' offers the highest quality from the Burgenland and is also a member establishment of the "Experience Paradise South Burgenland".

Manager Thomas Hatwagner sources cows, calves and pigs exclusively from controlled Burgenland farmers. The targeted selection of origin, the strict controls and the clean and careful processing on state-of-the-art machines guarantees this high quality standard.

Tip: At the traditional weekly Oberwart market, which takes places every Wednesday, you can enjoy a tasty Käsekrainer, Frankfurter or Debreziner at the stand representing Fleischerei Hatwagner.
"Eating a sausage" at the weekly Oberwart market has cult factor in South Burgenland!

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Fruit juices & apples - Obsthof Zotter in Kukmirn

The Zotter family in Kukmirn specialise fully and completely in high-quality fruit varieties. The product palette ranges from strawberries, which are harvested at the end of May, through cherries, sour cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, raspberries and blackberries, to apples and pears that are harvested from the beginning of August to the end of October. All these fruits are sold directly "from the farm" as fresh fruit, as well as processed further into delicious juices and distillates.

The fresh fruit even spoils the tastebuds on sight. Healthy, grown on natural soil, hand-harvested fresh and with a lot of love, it plays out itscomplete fruit passion - finely tuned to the season. Delicacies that leave the sunny taste of South Burgenland on your tongue. From A for Apple to P for Plum. With each bite!

The juices make the Obsthof Zotter quite simply a "juice shop". Made durable through careful pasteurisation - completely without chemistry -, vitamins, minerals and trace elements remain in the bottle. This means healthy drink enjoyment is 100% guaranteed for young and old.

Enjoy the fresh fruit and juices from the Zotter family directly at the breakfast buffet in the AVITA Resort.

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Pickled vegetables - Gurkenprinz in Stegersbach

Behind the Gurkenprinz is the company Südobst Stegersbach, which specialises in the production of pickled, fine vegetable delicacies and is a story of success. 
The long-standing cooperation with agricultural partners from the region guarantees top products and contributes to the preservation of regional, agricultural and rural structures.

Through the possibility of tracing them back to the seed and the integration of all partners in the product, the Gurkenprinz brand represents authentic originality.

Not least the familiar dealings with all partners and employees is part of their company philosophy.

The product variety ranges from pickled cucumbers, chilli peppers, bell peppers, sweetcorn through onions, garlic, mixed pickled to delicious lettuces.

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Oils - Ölmühle Fandler in Pöllau, Styria

The Fandler family have been creating masterpieces in oil in Styria's Pöllau for four generations – the cultivation of high-quality raw materials into the finest oils takes place out of passion, knowledge and experience. The top quality, organic vegetable oils fascinate with their wealth in the finest taste nuances.

Julia Fandler describes her handmade success as follows: "The fact that we manufacture our oils 100% from a single origin, cold-pressed and in the initial pressing and still rely on the costly stamp pressing process is not only family tradition, but also has delicious and nutritional reasons. After all, no other pressing process elicits the precious oil from the oil fruits so carefully."

The diverse assortment includes: organic olive oil, organic sunflower oil, organic grapeseed oil, organic peanut oil, organic linseed oil, organic almond oil, organic walnut oil and much more.

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Pumpkin seed oil and potatoes - Bauernladen Zapfel in Riedlingsdorf

Three generations work on the Zapfel family's farm in South Burgenland's Riedlingsdorf - this guarantees products of top quality: pumpkin seed oil, delicious vegetables as well as meat and sausage goods based on traditional recipes. The Zapfel family has already won several prizes with their products with the Genusskrone and gold & silver medals at various tastings. The comprehensive offer is offered daily in the family's farm shop. The precious seed oil and the potatoes from the Zapfel family are enjoyed by our guests in the AVITA Resort every day.

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Honey – Imkerei Oberrisser in Pinkafeld

Wolfgang Oberrisser is considered an absolute expert in his field and inherited his joy for beekeeping from his father. He works with passion to ensure the continued existence of local bee populations and that they are treated properly. The master beekeeper looks after around 70 bee populations, which produce the many wonderful, and above all, healthy honey, flower pollen, and propolis creations.

At the breakfast buffet in the AVITA Resort, you too can enjoy the delicious honey from Wolfgang Oberrisser directly from the honeycomb.

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Jams - Genussecke Postl in Oberwart

With a lot of love for the raw ingredients and the job itself, Klaudia Postl makes jams from all kinds of ingredients: from strawberries, apricots and blueberries to Uhudler grapes, many excellent fruit varieties are used in the tasty, stirred jams.

You can enjoy the sweet treats at the breakfast buffet of the AVITA Resort.

Klaudia Postl offers many other homemade products in her "Genussecke" in Oberwart.

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